Rada Pulse and Mono

Rada Pulse schematic

Rada Pulse and Rada Mono Control are sensor washroom controls for basins, showers and urinals.

Rada Pulse vs Rada Mono Control
So what’s the difference? Rada Pulse is designed to manage water flow for up to ten basins, showers and urinals, whilst Rada Mono Controls are used for single outlets.

Improved Hygiene
No-touch, on-off controls promote better user hygiene by reducing the risk of cross-contamination of germs at basins, showers and urinals.

Both systems are WELS-registered for water savings. Rada Pulse and Rada Mono Control enable your facility to program timed flow for each outlet, apply blocking times between users (Pulse only) and the ability to work with WELS-registered showerheads, basin spouts and urinals.

What's included?
The Rada Pulse system includes sensor kits for each outlet (including the solenoid valve), a control box and hand-held programmer. Each outlet is individually programmed via the control box using a handheld programmer.

Rada Mono Control kits come with everything you need in a single kit: sensor, solenoid valve, control module and cabling.
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