Rada Sense

Rada Sense is designed to be a smarter and safer solution for basins and showers. Key features such as no-touch controls, inbuilt digital intelligence and water savings provide a more hygienic and comfortable wash for washroom users.

No touch controls

Water to a basin or shower is activated by holding their hand across the sensor control panel. The temperature can be easily adjusted to suit a user's comfort in the same way. The no-touch sensor panel is one of the key features that significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination of super bugs like MRSA.

Digital intelligence

Rada Sense is a digital mixing valve, which can be programmed via a netbook or laptop to perform functions such as safe water temperature settings, automatic timed flow shut-off, duty flushing and thermal disinfection.The duty flushing and thermal disinfection functions can be used to minimise the growth of legionella bacteria.

Water savings

Rada Sense delivers water savings in three ways: firstly, by programmed timed flow to basins and showers and secondly by automatically shutting off water flow to the outlet after a specified time. Last but not least, by partnering Rada Sense with a Rada WELS-registered showerhead, significant water savings can be achieved by reducing the flow rate.

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