Thornthwaite offers an extensive library of high quality Revit and ARCHICAD BIM content for specifiers. Our BIM content can be accessed from the following locations:

  • Each product page on our website (Revit, ARCHICAD and CAD)
  • Download from the links below:

Revit Library  &  Thornthwaite Revit Sample Project


About our Revit content:

  • Created by industry leaders ‘IGS BIM Solutions’, primarily using ANZRS guidelines
  • All geometry created 100% natively in Revit
  • Consideration given to file size (generally 300 - 400kb) and model performance
  • Incorporated ‘Levels of Detail’ (coarse, medium, fine)
  • Consideration given to ‘best practice’ in using Reference Planes, Subcategories, Masking Regions, Materials etc.
  • Families are non-hosted (can be converted to face-based if preferred)
  • Families have appropriate meta-data to populate fixtures schedules
  • Created in Revit 2014 and compatible with later versions

About our ARCHICAD content:

  • 100% natively GDL coded
  • Created to Graphisoft’s GDL Technical Standards
  • Created in ARCHICAD 19 and compatible with later versions
  • MVO controls for level of detail, including a resolution value
  • Convenient Graphical User Interface for easy, intuitive product selection
  • Custom 2D representation with no use of 3D project method
  • No ARCHICAD Element Attributes will be added to your project file from this library