Presto Timed Flow Shower & Tap Valve

The Presto Timed Flow Shower & Tap Valve is ideal for beach, pool deck showers and basins.

  • Ability to change a normal tap or breech into a timed flow tap
  • Conversion can be carried out by simply unscrewing the existing tap assembly from the body of the tap and replacing with the tap adaptor
  • No other plumbing changes required


  • Beach showers
  • Aquatic Centre rinse showers
  • Manual tap conversion to timed-flow.

Specify as Follows

Presto Timed Flow Shower & Tap Valve with automatic shut-off, incorporates a self cleaning mechanism, anti-corrosive and anti-liming internal components, dezincification-resistant (DR) brass body. Also available with S® security system to prevent continuous water flow, also available with lever activation