Rada Mono 120 sensor system – for showers & basins

Installed as part of the Rada Mono Control kit, the Rada 120 sensor adds an elegant finish to modern washrooms. This sensor can be used for basins or showers.

WELS: 6 stars | 6 L/min (basins) | AS/NZS 3718

  • Programmable flow time and automatic shut-off to save water and energy
  • No-touch activation of water flow improves user hygiene
  • Rada Mono 120 controls flow to a single shower or basin
  • 12V AC transformer supplied


  • Gyms, aquatic & leisure centres
  • Surgical scrub areas, food processing & restaurants
  • Restaurants and office blocks
  • End of trip facilities



Specify as Follows

Each outlet (basin or shower) to be served by one wall mounted Rada Mono 120 sensor operating system for ‘no-touch’ flow control. Complete with active infra-red sensor, 1/2” BSPM solenoid valve, isolating ball valve and 6 L/Min flow regulator (basins only). Shower flow rate is determined by shower head.