Rada Pulse Control Box

The Rada Pulse Control Box provides centralised water control for up to 10 washroom outlets, including basins, showers and urinals. Each sensor signals the control box to open the solenoid valve and activate water flow to the outlet.

  • Central control of up to ten outlets via a handheld programmer to reduce maintenance time
  • Flexible programming times for basins, showers and urinals to save time, water, and energy
  • Status and error monitoring to minimise fault finding time
  • Shower block-out time available to prevent immediate reactivation


  • Gyms, aquatic & leisure centres
  • Surgical scrub areas, food processing & restaurants
  • Office blocks
  • End of trip facilities



Specify as Follows

Rada Pulse Control Box is a complete washroom water control unit with an integral 240VAC/12VAC transformer. Electrician to provide 240 VAC power. Controls up to 10 solenoid valves via the activation of Rada Pulse sensors for water flow to basins, showers and/or urinals (in any combination).